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What We Do

a host of services for the benefit of the community


Balham Mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre

Alhamdullillah, we offer our obligatory 5 times a day salaah at both centres, with dedicated Imaams at both centres

Always Open at Salaah time

Both Centres open 30 minutes before Iqaamah and close 30 minutes after prayers have concluded

Information & Notices

The community can keep up with what's going on around them and be informed about latest events and classes

Wudhu (Ablution) Facilities

Dedicated comfortable wudhu areas are provided at both centres

Imaam Advisory

Want to ask one of our Imaams a question? Feel Free!


We're driving to excellence!

Our Madrassas are a focal point

Convenient Timings

We focus on making sure the syllabus is organised to fit in with our young people's school commitments so they stay motivated

Organised Syllabus

We have an organised environment for our Madrassa students (and their parents) - this includes comfortable facilities at both centres and dedicated teachers

Celebrate Success

Our Madrassa teachers are trained to motivate and celebrate success to continue to help our young students to thrive


Helping Families

during a bereavement

Guiding the community through the bereavement process

Dealing with a bereavement is not an easy experience but we are able to guide you through the process - you can read more on the Funeral section of this website

Complete Service

Balham Mosque provides a fully equipped mortuary, cold room and transportation facilities and can accommodate washing of the deceased's body


Keeping the Community Engaged

A range of new and relevant events & classes...


Nothing to feel ashamed of - life is a learning process and what better way than to attend a class that will help you polish up on Islam and its teachings. Book in for one of our classes now...


We want to reach out to our young people, our elders, brothers and sisters to engage them with Mosque activities. We have already held a number of events this year and there's more to come - just subscribe to the website to get immediate notification as we bring more events to you

A quick intro...

...just to let you know what we're all about!

Balham Mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre

Serving the community

Conceived in 1969 from a small room on Childbert Road, Balham Mosque has become one of the most renowned Islamic institutions in the United Kingdom, through inclusion, diversity and foresight.

Our elders have left a legacy that ensure we play a positive role in civic society at a local, national and international level - we want to continue the great work for our young people and the wider community...



Daily Hadith

Good to Read...

We're creating some really great content for our community

The number of Rohingya refugees fleeing a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar has now topped 400,000, a crisis the United Nations human rights chief

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The Fun Day is back! The whole community will come together on Saturday July 15 to celebrate Tooting and who we are. Cultures, businesses, faith bodie

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As Ramadan comes to a close, Arshad Daud, Assistant Secretary of the Balham Mosque and Tooting Islamic Centre, tells us all about Eid and addresses

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