Emergency Appeal for East Africa

Millions of men, women and children are undertaking perilous journeys across barren wastelands in search of food, water and shelter.
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More than 800,000 young children are severely malnourished and at risk of starving to death without immediate treatment.

Lack of rain, failing crops and a severe water shortage have plunged millions of people into desperate conditions across East Africa. Food prices have rocketed as supplies are increasingly scarce.

  • In Somalia, more than 6 million people, 50% of the population, are in urgent need of food assistance.
  • Widespread famine is threatening to take hold on a scale not experienced for years.
  • Parts of the Somali population remain isolated and at further risk as humanitarian assistance struggles to reach them.
  • At least 100,000 people face the prospect of famine between February and April 2017 in South Sudan.
  • A further 1,170,000 are estimated to be severely food insecure, trying desperately to make it through each day.